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OT Approved Beach Day Fun!

Updated: 6 days ago

Heading to the beach can be more than just a fun-filled day in the sun. It’s also a fantastic

opportunity to help children develop essential skills. Let’s dive into nine engaging activities

that not only entertain but also contribute to their overall development, as recommended by

our team of occupational therapists.

Wave Jumping

Jumping in the waves is a fun activity that helps children build visual tracking skills by

watching the waves. It also enhances motor planning through the timing of jumps and

develops feedback/feed-forward skills as they modify their approach based on the size and

speed of the waves.


Swimming is excellent for building body awareness. As children push against the water, they

receive proprioceptive input, which helps them understand where their body is in space,

boosting their muscle and joint awareness.

Water Bucket Carry

Challenge your child to carry a water-filled bucket from one point to another without spilling.

This activity targets core strength and postural control/stability. You can add variety by

changing the bucket’s water level or making it a race with a sibling or beach buddy.


Building sandcastles works on shoulder stability, bilateral coordination, and hand strength.

Digging up wet sand provides an upper body workout. For an added challenge, encourage kids to use their non-dominant hand for scooping and dumping sand.

Sand Tracing & Writing

Tracing and writing in the sand practices finger isolation, visual motor integration, and visual

perceptual skills. Even if your child isn’t into writing yet, pressing into the sand with a finger or stick helps build grasp strength and provides tactile input.

Buried Treasure

Create a fun treasure hunt by burying rocks, shells, or toys. This activity enhances grasp

strength, planning, memory, and problem-solving skills. Outline where the treasure is hidden

with a stick to make it easier for the little ones.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing and unpacking beach gear helps children build planning and bilateral skills. Activities

like folding/unfolding chairs, rolling towels, and placing items back in the bag are great for

coordination and executive function.

Rainbow Walk

Take a walk along the beach and work on visual scanning skills. Look for objects in each color

of the rainbow and call them out. Turn it into a game of eye spy for added fun.

Crab Walk

The crab walk is perfect for the beach. It targets motor planning, coordination, shoulder

stability, and core strength. For an extra challenge, try it with eyes closed or balance a sand

bucket on the belly.

Incorporating these occupational therapy activities into your beach day is simple and fun.

The beach is a wonderful place to practice and build essential skills.

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