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At Leading Therapy Home, we are having incredible success with telepractice! Every session, our team of speech and occupational therapists are getting creative to bring interactive and engaging activities to our clients. From playing with play doh to OT scavenger hunts, every session is tailored specifically to each child. The coaching model is also working wonders for our younger or busier little ones, and parents are reporting they feel empowered and capable because of our coaching. 

Online therapy allows our clients continued access to expert services so our clients can continue making progress on their goals. Whether you are social distancing or are out of our in-person service area, teletherapy is a proven and trusted solution. Below you will find some commonly asked questions. And of course, please contact us to learn more!

How does teletherapy work?

Services look different for each child and family and are dependent on the age of the child, their goals, and what is being targeted during the session. Teletherapy activities will be fun and interactive to ensure that your child is engaged and learning.


For older children who are confident in navigating technology independently, parents can set-up their child with a tablet or computer and we will do the rest. For younger children, parents/caregivers may need to be present or nearby during the sessions to help facilitate the use of technology. For infants and toddlers, we implement an evidence-based parent coaching approach.

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Can we use a computer, tablet, or phone for teletherapy?

All teletherapy sessions are provided via Zoom. Clients can access the Zoom from a computer or tablet with a web-based browser that has a built in-microphone or with headphones that have a microphone.

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What about adding to the amount of screen time my child is already getting?

Teletherapy services are different from the type of idle or stationary screen time experienced when watching TV. Our online sessions are interactive and socially engaging increasing the quality of screen time and providing for a rich educational experience. For younger children, for whom screen time should be minimal, we will primarily use the coaching model for delivering services where it is the parent who is most engaged with the screen.

If we begin with teletherapy, can we move to in-person sessions when it is safe to do so?

At this time we offer in-person therapy to families in the South Shore area when possible. Families living outside of our coverage area can always receive services via teletherapy. We will continue to update families about changes to our service delivery options. 

Is teletherapy as effective as in-person therapy?

Teletherapy has been found to be equally as effective as in-person therapy for most children. A recent study involving school-aged children demonstrated the children receiving online therapy made similar progress on goals as compared to children receiving in-person therapy. Review the study here.


We use the same evidence-based therapy approaches online as we do in-person. Each session is also specifically planned for your child to ensure they are engaged in learning and making progress on their goals.

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