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Pediatric Therapy

Speech & language therapy

Fluency & stuttering therapy 

Feeding & swallowing therapy

Social cognitive skills therapy​

AAC therapy & training

Parent & caregiver coaching

speech therapy


Comprehensive Evaluations

At Leading Therapy Home we offer comprehensive evaluations for speech, language, feeding, and social skills. Through a thoughtful combination of parent/caregiver interview, a speech-language sample, observation, and standardized assessments, we are able to develop an understanding of your child's skills and challenges. The results from the evaluation are then shared with the family, and if therapy is recommended, we will collaborate to develop a treatment plan and measurable goals. 

speech therapy

Speech, Language, & Social Skills Therapy

Our experienced team provides speech therapy focusing on improving a child's speech production, ability to understand and/or express language, and the use of verbal and non-verbal language within social contexts. Using evidence-based approaches, our pediatric speech therapists provide speech therapy in a child's natural environment, creating a motivating and engaging path to success. Common disorders treated by our speech therapy team include:

speech therapy

Articulation & Phonological Disorders 

Receptive & Expressive Language Disorders 

Childhood Apraxia of Speech   

Social Pragmatic Disorders



Down Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

speech therapy

Speech, language, and feeding therapy are provided in the home, private school, or daycare environment and are one-on-one with a certified speech-language pathologist. Families are always encouraged to be an active part of our therapy sessions in order to support the carryover of skills outside of the therapy sessions. ​​Our speech therapy sessions are scheduled for 30-45-minutes. The frequency of sessions is dependent on the need of each individual child and determined as a team with the family. 

feeding therapy

Feeding Therapy

We provide child-led and family-centered in-home feeding therapy. Our pediatric speech therapists take a holistic approach to feeding therapy to address why children are having difficulty eating. Our trained feeding therapists will reduce the frustration around mealtime through coaching parents and children to experience the joys of exploring and eating new foods. Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your child's eating/feeding, we are here to help!

feeding therapy

Specialized Therapy Approaches

Our pediatric speech therapy team also prides itself on staying current with the latest evidence-based speech therapy approaches. At Leading Therapy Home, many of our pediatric speech therapists have advanced training and/or certifications in:

social skills therapy
therapeutic playdates.png

Therapeutic Playdates

Our social skills therapy groups are currently set up as therapeutic playdates. The idea to provide therapy within a playdate came about when parents expressed concern about the difficulties that occur when their children go on playdates. Parents often end up having to facilitate the playdate and it becomes stressful and unproductive.


Instead, our pediatric speech therapists facilitate playdates. These are typically structured with 2-3 children and include a variety of activities such as building train tracks to

making bird feeders to playing in the sprinkler. It is amazing to see the kind of language and joint attention that comes out from turning the sprinkler on to spray friends (when they ask, of course!).

Speech Therapy
Feeding therapy
Therapeutic Playdates
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